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Information on the impact of coronavirus Covid-19 on Frigate AS activities

Riga, 2020-03-25 11:21 CET -- In March 2020, restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus entered into force in the Republic of Latvia and many other countries, significantly reducing the economic development of the country and worldwide. It is unpredictable how the situation may develop in the future, and hence there is economic uncertainty.

Frigate AS management is constantly evaluating the situation. Frigate AS is currently operating in the normal conditions; the impact of Covid-19 on Frigate AS is similar to that of the overall financial services industry. The development of some Frigate AS projects is being slowed down as companies and institutions work remotely. Other long-term projects are also expected to be postponed or cancelled. By taking responsibility for the health of its employees and following the recommendations of the responsible authorities for actions to reduce the risks of spreading the virus, Frigate AS employees perform their functions remotely.

Frigate AS management believes that Frigate AS will be able to overcome the emergency situation and ensure business continuity. However, this conclusion is based on information available today and the impact of future events on the future activities of Frigate AS may differ from management’s judgment.

The Board of Frigate AS

Frigate AS, founded in 2015 in Latvia, is an international group of companies currently active in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Lithuania and Latvia, which provides services in various investing areas according to client’s needs. Frigate AS provides a wide range of services which give investors access to securities - investment advice, portfolio management, executing orders for clients, structured products for different kinds of clients, documentary maintenance of investment operations and helping companies raise funds on capital markets. Frigate AS staff has all the licenses required for the activity on securities market and has extensive experience in working with documentation and cooperation with regulatory authorities. The company’s specialists are certified by the regulatory authorities in the field of preventing money laundering. For more information, visit:

Frigate AS shares are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Baltic First North Market.

The Certified Adviser for Frigate AS is SIA Nexia Audit Advice.


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