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Business description

AS “Frigate” (hereinafter – Frigate or the Company), a joint stock company incorporated in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on 11 December 2015 with unified registration number 40103953555, LEI number 2138008RGTU38IRCST03.

Legal address and address of its registered office: Vaļņu iela 19-1D, Riga LV-1050 Latvia.


Frigate is a holding company in a group of companies domiciled in various jurisdictions - Luxembourg, Switzerland and Singapore:

  • Frigate Luxembourg S.A., Haaptstrooss 1 L-9806 Hosingen, Luxembourg, LEI number 213800QEZZHVP2T1AA17;
  • Austrenis Capital S.A., Rue des Bains 33, Geneva, 1205, Switzerland, LEI number 213800YWSHFA2JOMNO03;

References to the “Frigate Group” in this Company Description refer to AS “Frigate” and its subsidiaries.

Frigate is applied for admission to trading on First North 310 000 ordinary shares of AS Frigate (category "A" - dematerialized bearer shares) starting from July 13, 2018 are listed in Nasdaq Baltic First North list.

Registrations documents

AS Frigate Statutes (LV) View
AS Frigate Articles of Association (LV, EN) View


Frigate SIA Annual report 2017 View
Frigate AS Annual Report 2018 View
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