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Dmitry Solovyev

Dmitry Solovyev

Chairman of the Board


1999: The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) - Master of economics 


2002: Certificate FFMS 1.0 - certificate of Federal commission of securities 

1999: The Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation - professional certificate 

1999: Moscow School of Economics – professional certificate 


2007: Global Finance “Best Fixed Income Sales desk for 2006” 

2006: Cbonds “Fixed Income Sales Desk” – 2nd place on RUR bond market 

2006: Journal “Securities Market” - 3rd place between sales-managers for 2005 

Work experience 

25+ years of professional experience working as a FI trader, Deputy Head of domestic sales, Repo Trader, Interdealing broker in such companies and banks, Schildershoven finance B.V. (Netherlands), Alfa bank, Unicredit Securities, Aton, National Bank of Development, Market Square Capital, MFBC, CB "Rezon-bank" 

Place of residence 



Direct shareholding - 8.30% 

Indirect shareholding - 7.15% 

Total effective shareholding - 15.45% 

Armands Bušs

Armands Bušs

Member of the Board


2001: University of Latvia | Master’s degree in economics 

Additional education 

AML courses in Latvia and Switzerland 

Annually attending Clearstream "Global Securities Financing summits" in Luxembourg 

Regularly attending of different SWIFT courses 

Learned for “Chartered Financial Analyst” (CFA) 

Euroclear bank, securities conferences in London and Paris 

Commerce education centre, course "Project management 

Bank of England, course “Advanced monetary operations” and "Financial stability" 

International Monetary Fund, seminar "Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy" in Vienna 

Seminar "Monetary Policy Strategy and Implementation in ESCB" in Deutsche Bundesbank 

Fontes R&I course “Effective communication” 

University "Carnegie Mellon" securities analysis and trading program’s FAST courses 

International Monetary Fund's seminar "Monetary operations" in Vienna 

Latvian Central Depository – securities accounting course 

Riga Stock Exchange – technical course for brokers 

Courses "Securities market" 

Work experience 

25+ years of professional experience working as CFO, Expert in payments division, Market Operations department, Securities broker in such companies and banks, Latvijas Banka (15 years of experience), AS “Lateko banka”, AS “Tallinna Pank Securities Latvia”, AS “International Investment Fund”. 

Place of residence 



Direct shareholding - 5.54%